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How to make Mustard Spinach in Pressure Cooker?

December 18, 2020 | Recipes

Hello Visitor, You will learn how to make Mustard Spinach in this article.

Items Needed.


Wash the Spinach 2-3 times thoroughly and cut them horizontally. Then, keep it in a separate container and dry out the water.


Step- 1

First, heat up Pressure cooker in full heat.

Step- 2

Then add 2 tbsp sunflower/soyabean oil in the cooker.

Step- 3

Add 1/4 spoon of Cumin Seeds.

Step- 4

Roast until it turns brown.

Step- 5

Then, add 2-3 dry red chillies for better taste.

Step- 6

After 20 seconds, keep the spinach in the pressure cooker.

Step- 7

After you keep put all spinach, add some salt and chilli powder and a bit of cumin seed powder.

Step- 8

Thoroughly mix the spices.

Step- 9

Then, place the lid of the cooker.

Step- 10

Then, after one whistle, turn off heat and release steam.

It is then, ready to be served